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Maniac Ridge - A Duke 3D E2L11 Recreation for Eternity

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What started off as being a monsterless proof-of-concept eventually turned into an extended learning exercise for use of portals, EDF, and ExtraData (after deciding I spent too long making a to-scale recreation of E2L11 - using rather tedious methods - to leave it as it was). After it was merged into master I updated it to UDMF and removed ExtraData, and made some visual enhancements as said enhancements were made far easier as I was able to work in a visual editor. Using at least 3.42.02 Heimdal is required. Alongside this, jumping is required, and mouselook suggested.





Credits: 3D Realms for the original map, Team Eternity for the Eternity Engine, and Jimmy for the Arachnorb.

Edited by Altazimuth

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It's an excellent demonstration of just how seamless the portals system is.

If I had this tech when making Cretaceous Cogs, the result would have been smoother for the elevator setup and made building it much less brain melting.

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Very cool stuff, as I said on IRC. Great map to Doomify, especially with all the neato portal technology of EE. Map could look a little better mayhap, but eh, no biggie there. :P Good job!

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Sorry for the bump, but the final release is on idgames; I have updated the first post with a link to it. Since the old version, various small tweaks have been made, and the format has moved from Doom+ExtraData to UDMF.

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