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3 maps I created

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Last year, I made 3 maps in doom. I've been replaying them recently and I want to share my creations with you. I made them for myself, so feel free to give any feedback.

You'll need GZDoom with Doom II. Work great with brutal doom but not with project brutality (I don't know why).




The first two are fast action, straitforward with a lot of enemies. The last one is a puzzle map. Slow paced with trial and error.

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Some of the shots sort of reminds me of original IWAD maps like E4M9(first 3 screenshots), TNT MAP12 Crater and Plutonia MAP09 Abbattoire but maybe it's just my imagination.

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SFoZ911 said:

but maybe it's just my imagination.

No it isn't, the first map is an edited version of E4M9. The second seems to be a medley of maps, Hell Keep->Baron's Lair->Dead Simple but I stopped to play there so I guess I missed the author's original areas. The last map is an edited E1M1 with a Wormhole like effect and some puzzles.
Btw you don't need to put the same song twice in your wads.

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