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Moon Marin

Deimos Escape - The Foundry (E1M2)

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Hey guys, i'm back with level 2 of the 'Deimos Escape' campaign. This time you're fighting your way through the foundry level, after having made it through the toxic facility.


The key features of the map are similar to the previous level. Most enemies have reduced health counts. Enemy density is very high. There are 3 secrets to be found within the level. Being the next mission in the campaign, you will see greater enemy variety and higher tier enemies make minor appearances (baron/mancubus). Mid tier enemies show up in greater numbers (revenants/caco/pinky) and low tier enemies (soldiers/imps) are in abundance. Map is linear in the early half, and semi-non linear in the later half, just like my last map.

The map also features some custom lighting, makes use of vega voice, multiple music tracks for different fights (and not every fight has go nuts music, just the most intense ones. Slower/small scale encounters use the more passive music).

There is also a special type of fight in the final room, but i will save the details on that to prevent spoilers.

The map currently DOES NOT have checkpoints OR a one life system enforced, as in the early stages of release I am looking for balance feedback. Music triggers may break if you die until you trigger the next music change, just FYI.

Here are screens of Object mode and Module mode to give you an overview of the layout:

I welcome all feedback, but request if there is a specific area or section of the map you have input on, please be specific about what section/area of the map and what you feel is the problem. A suggested solution is also a great idea, if you feel so inclined.

Features not yet implemented :
- Room names (text above doorways to tell you what part of the map you are in)
- Objective markers/POI Markers
- Checkpoints/One Life system

COOP is Enabled on the map, and you should be able to progress just fine through the map with 4 players, but the map is designed for one player overall and the map may be less of a challenge or have potential bugs/issues that I have not yet resolved when playing with multiple people. I did a limited test with a total of 3 players and managed to complete the level, but less organized groups may have issues I did not experience.

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redrage said:

I see.. I kinda expected you to finish you previous map. Ah well.

I updated my previous map today, i'm still providing fixes and changes to that map. I'm working on multiple maps at one time, seeing as most of my changes post-release are related to user feedback my workload for each map is dependent on consistent feedback.

It seems like you're upset with this, but i'm not really sure why. If it was based on the presumption that I have stopped work on my previous map, then that is an unfair (and incorrect) assumption.

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Feedback over on the snapmap subreddit has been quite positive. Looking for some doomworld feedback if anyone cares to give it a try. Bump.

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Map has been updated with minor bug fixes, the addition of checkpoints, a new weapon added to the map, and a reworking of the final area.

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