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Well by judging the comments the next DOOM needs to have a very good balance.

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Okay, so by looking at the comments on this thread not anywhere else, i says the new next DOOM needs to be better than the recent DOOM we got in development in hell.

Here are my choices on what the Next DOOM to have.

1. Horror & action: seems everyone has a hard time enjoying the action when were all use to playing DOOM 3 & DOOM 64 & DOOM 1 & 2. Has to have good music to mix both in(DOOM 3 main menu for instinct).

2. Better weapons designs of course: DOOM 3 to me has the best ones awhile DOOM 1 & 2 had the best sounds.

3. Better Character animations: like drawings, concepts & size. Seems DOOM 3 had best demon character movements, attacks, speed & sounds. But, DOOM 1 & 2 had best Demon sounds.

4. Better Design levels: The levels have mixed Reviews on & the two best ones was i believe facility & some other one. Hell level could of have been better. DOOM 3 Done very well in martian atmosphere.

5. Story: From what i see it was mixed very well as well. Many approve and many didn't. I think DOOM 2 story could learn something from machine games story games of wolfenstein the new order and needs to be balance better.

6. Gory kills: everyone loved it from the looks of it, it seems to have need more variety and better animation design of it when killing demons and players.

7. Multiplayer: it should of have not been outsourced first in development, it should of been handled by a multi player team of a specif studio that can handle better job than certain infinity.

8. Snapmap: very mixed reviews. not enough tools by judging the complaints, so it needs to improvement, if it's here to stay.

Oh, this just a question and my Review of DOOM.

Another thing: DOOM Doesn't need vehicles. no destruction environments(ain't battlefield) & no unnecessary addons).

But, Returning Horror & action together like: Wolfenstein the old blood.

What do you think?

I am still waiting on: Wolfenstein the new colossus(Rumored next wolfenstein game or new ip).

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* Horror ? Yuck, Jumpscares and boring corridors .

* A SnapMap update is already coming bringing skyboxes and Hell theme

* Better design levels ? seriously ?

* Better character animations ? ever took a look at them anyways ?

* Certain Affinity is already outta the job, And Multiplayer is getting improved .

* Doom 3 Shotgun, SMG weapon designs suck .

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OP, you're joking about Doom 3 doing anything better than Doom 4 other than Horror segments, right?

It's not too late to introduce Horror elements, or at least some really creepy environments and atmosphere in a whole new campaign but it can only be very temporary. Doom 4 is now known and loved for its action packed style and we don't want a slower toned down installment.

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

* Doom 3 Shotgun, SMG weapon designs suck .

100% YES. The Shotgun design for Doom 3 was ugly as hell, i wonder why they didn't keep the Beta design.

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Wild Dog said:

100% YES. The Shotgun design for Doom 3 was ugly as hell, i wonder why they didn't keep the Beta design.

Yea, it's pretty much a cylinder of point n' shooty.

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I would love to see some destructive environments in the sequel! Imagine a fucking Baron suddenly burst through a fucking wall? Best jump scare ever!

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Doom 3's shotgun was terrible. You only used it often because you were forced to for the most part, not because you want to.

The only weapon that I prefer the Doom 3 variation over, design wise, is the plasma rifle. New one is kinda ugly looking, but definitely more useful.

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