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Keyboard/Mouse & converters for PS4

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Bought the game for PS4 and am finding it difficult to play with the controller.
I already know it does not support keyboard & mouse by default, but has anyone tested converters such as HAMA, or XIM?

Please share experiences, I'd buy one of those it they work fine :-)


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Never used one of the K/M rigs for PlayStation but I'm actually looking into it as well.

As far as PS4 goes, what I found helped was to go into the Settings and under accessibility change L3 to X - that way your thumbs literally never have to leave the sticks and you can aim while jumping. (Or if you're using one of the alt configurations, swap whatever face key to L3. Seriously, the amount of wasted potential on the controller is sad; the weapon wheel should be where those lame ass taunts are, crouching was retarded to even include and seriously Id and other developers on console, why can't I just assign buttons how I want? Even HL2 on the original XBox had this.)

Another tip is to turn off motion blur and turn look smoothing down to 0-20. It was explained to me that it basically keeps things crisp in your view instead of emulating your eyes adjusting to quick movement, therefore you can pick out targets quicker. Or something. Maybe somebody here with more experience can explain it better or tell me why I'm wrong.

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