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Would you play this shit??

Would you play this shit?  

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  1. 1. Would you play this shit?

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I had quite the fun time joining a random zandronum server the other day. I was bored so I scrolled to the bottom of doomseeker and joined a random coop Ultimate Doom server, on Hell Beneath. It had 1 PWAD and it was called biggun.wad. I have never heard of it so I used the direct link and downloaded it to join. Nobody was on. It was just E4M1 and it looked like nobody even played it yet(all the monsters were in their spawn positions). Everything looked vanilla. After about 4 seconds of spawning I was so wrong(look at the video, i started recording after playing for about 2 minutes).

Okay so clearly this is a WAD that changes the monsters a bit to SIGNIFICANTLY increase the difficulty. The only weapon I noticed that was different was the regular shotgun but every monster was changed! Not visually but gameplay wise. Shotgun guys were shooting rails, Imps shot bigger fireballs which seemed to be 1 hit kills(they gibbed me almost every time), the demons/spectres were running at like triple times the normal speed and attacked faster, and the Barons were shooting their green balls, which also shot RAILS!! Like seriously the unknown author of this WAD must of been on some crazy dope when making this. But it was pretty funny nonetheless. Would I replay Doom 1 or Doom 2 with this mod implemented? Maybe not, cause it's just too damn hard. I could not imagine beating this game in single player without the aid of infinite respawns. So tell me forum, would you play this shit??

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Well, holy crap. That looks like hell. (pun sorry)

I actually would play this though. Well, at least if there were 5 or more people playing, otherwise it'd be overwhelming.

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