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I uploaded reverie-coop.wad as a coop-friendly alternative to Reverie - I also fixed some of the secrets to make them less obtuse (but not 31) I likely won't be available next month, so if this gets a session of Thursday Night Survival by then I will be sad.

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I uploaded JimmyTunes.wad, it's a general compilation of some of James Paddock's/Jimmy's music tracks available on his website.

Also @Doomkid, ever thought of fixing up the image in the first post? I'm too used to the 8 rotation over the 5 (plus mirror) rotation of the player. :B

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lol - I will have that changed soon, didn't know if anyone would notice!

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An announcement: Unfortunately some losers wonderful people have been uploading loads of spam and otherwise malicious shit, packaged into zip files. For this reason, only .wad files will now be accepted. Further, a password must be entered for permission to upload. If you would like me to generate a personal password for you, please contact myself or mrcrispy privately.


I apologize for the massive inconvenience but degenerates who have no friends and no life certain people insist on ruining the fun for everyone.

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Follow up from the previous post, the file uploader is back in action! you cannot upload files from behind and proxy and the ip address and other information of the client uploading the file are stored, so troublemaking morons will be locked out with relative ease.


Enjoy having it back! If you find any issues, please do not hesitate to let us know here.

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