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Can someone compile an OSX dmg of iodoom3 for me? (EDIT: Never Mind)

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I've got DOOM I, DOOM II, and Final DOOM all set up to run in DOSBox, on Windows and Mac, all off a flash drive. Now I'd like to do the same thing for DOOM 3. The only problem is there's no Mac package for iodoom3 on the Internet right now (iodoom3 is what I'm using for my portable DOOM 3 on Windows), and I have no idea how to compile packages like that (especially since I only have Windows computers at home and can only access Macs every once in a while).

So if someone could compile iodoom3 as a dmg package for me, I'd really appreciate it. Also, try and make it so that, when I play iodoom3 on a Mac off a flash drive, nothing has to be saved to the computer itself and everything is stored on the flash drive. I figured out how to do it that way with DOSBox on Mac, and that's the reason I'm using iodoom3 instead of dhewm3 (dhewm3 insists on saving data in the Documents folder of the computer, which i don't like).

It's not important anymore. DOSBox (as I've said before) can run on any modern Windows or Mac computer, even if the computer has a crappy video card or no video card at all. DOOM 3 (even the original version) has no chance of accomplishing that, so I'm not gonna bother to play it off a flash drive anymore.

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