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How to do this ??

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Hi all..
I've been watching a youtuber that plays doom..
he was doing something (probably a key) that tells you the name of the monster
and the health of it..
please i need this useful thing... please !!!

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If you're using ZDoom, type "linetarget" in the console (make sure the crosshair is on the monster you want to get info on!).

It will print the actor name, current health, and spawn health of the monster in the player's crosshair.

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I assume you were watching Aquarius?

Keep in mind this works in all Source ports derived from ZDoom (such as ZDaemon, Zandronum, GZDoom, etc.).

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kuchitsu said:

Though it's kinda weird how it doesn't show the bar for 100% HP monsters.

I have no problem with it, quite the opposite. It's convenient that when there's no health bar above a living monster, then the monster must have full health - and your view doesn't get constantly obscured / your attention doesn't get distracted by too many on-screen health bars that would be there otherwise.

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