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Ways to have different HUD weapons for different characters in the same WAD?

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I've looked for this, but I keep getting info on adding weapon sprites generally, which I know how to do now. But I would like to know, is there a way to have the weapons display differently on the HUD from character to character?

For instance, in the WAD I am making, I have characters of multiple races, muscle density and genders, and them all having doomguy's arms is a bit off. Not to mention general outfit clash.

I can think of how this might work in multiple WADs, but I don't want to have to tell people to gather all 8 of them for everything to be all good. But I can't find a method of telling the WAD to display a different one for a different character.

I am asking before I create any, just so I can know beforehand. Otherwise, they'll stick to doom guy arms.


Sorry for all of these topics by the way, I am creating a pretty big WAD here, and it is challenging as balls for me.

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So, you already have multiple player classes? And you can afford to make a variation of each weapon sprite with a particular character's hands? Make each weapon-per-character a separate actor, possibly behaving the same but each one using different sprites. Edit each player class's WeaponSlots to only be able to hold his own respective weapon-per-character types of weapons. Make a CustomInventory item for each weapon (shared by all characters) as a pickup, and make it give the player all of the weapon-per-character variations of the respective weapon, and then immediately select all of them via A_SelectWeapon. Only the weapon defined in the respective player class's WeaponSlot will be selected then. (Or at least it should, I'm not entirely sure if this would work as I say, but even if it didn't, there should be a workaround on a similar principle.)

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Yeah I've just recoloured a copy of the set to brown to start with. I'll give this a go thanks, see if it works.

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