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ICKWALL variants?

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Does anyone know a resource that contains a good number of ickwall variants?
cc4tex has a total of 2. One of them is a door and the other doesn't mix very well with vanilla.

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1993res contains multiple unique "ICKPAN" patches that were released by Romero 1.5 years ago. They are just patches, not ready-made whole textures in TEXTURE1 format, but you can make them so.

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Ickwall is a cool texture but its not used often. I suspect it is primarily because the slime streaks that leak from the top of the texture don't make it to the bottom. So when you use the texture the repeating pattern has the look of 'seams' when used on walls greater than 64 or 128 high. Mutiny has some ickwall variants that have green steaks leaking upwards from the bottom of the texture as well as the top, which isn't very realistic but its certainly more pleasing to the eye and more versatile. There is also some BROWN96, BRONZE and some brick textures in there too that are colored in such a way that goes well with ickwall. Get some BROWNGRN and TEKGREN in there too and you have a solid theme for a map.

I'd have to ask that you don't use them for your own projects until Mutiny is released, but I'm estimating that the project should be done within a week or two.

If you have any requests for textures I'll be glad to make a few for you. The more specific you can be, the better. It also helps to reference some textures you would like to use if they were colored to your tastes.

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Gez said:

Try Useful Doom Edits and Nightmare Texture Pack. If they aren't there, try grabbing images directly from this thread. Also this maybe.

There aren't any in those wads and the pics for ickwall are broken in the thread.

I'm not entirely sure what kind of ickwall I'm looking for but there is texture packs called "grey texture pack" (txgrey.wad) and there are bunch different grey wall variants. Something similar of ickwall would be great.

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