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Issue with Simple Script Not Executing

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I'm having an issue with a very simple script. I am using a lindef to execute the script when it is crossed. Two problems. One, if both "When Player walks over" AND "When monster walks over" is selected, it will not execute if I, or a monster walks over it. If only "When monster walks over" is selected, it STILL does not execute if a monster walks over it. If a friendly marine walks over it, it doesn't execute.

Only when I, the player, walk over it does it execute. What's going on here? Thanks for your time.

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 (void)
Print(s:"Power Restored to Communications Satellite");

Linedef -
Action 80 Script Execute
Script Number : Script 1
Map Number : 0
Arg1: 0
Arg2: 0
Arg3: 0

X Doublesided
X When player walks over
X When monster walks over

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The Print message will only display to the activator of the script. Use PrintBold instead to display the message to all players. Hope that helps.

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