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Usable trigger volume and cylinder

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Has anyone run into problems using trigger volumes and cylinders as usable objects? I run into several strange phenomena. I have a secret door that I want the player to open by activating it (pressing "F", the default key on a PC). So I put a trigger volume right in front of the door and set it to be "usable". The first strange thing is that when I walk to the door, the "F" prompt for usage doesn't appear. The second strange thing is that when I walk to the door and then LOOK LEFT OR RIGHT, then the "F" prompt appears. The THIRD strange thing is that when I put the usable trigger volume AWAY from the door so there is space around it, the "F" prompt appears normally; i.e. I walk up to the volume and the "F" shows up right away, without me having to look left or right. If the put the volume back against the door, the problem comes back. Away from the door, no problem. This happens to trigger blocks or cylinders, large or small, long or short, above or below the player.

Then the 4th strange phenomenon is that even if the "F" prompt doesn't show up, the volume is STILL USABLE. I walk up to the door, don't see the "F", press "F" anyway and the door still opens as I designed it.

And a FIFTH phenomenon, oh yes baby. Using the volume without seeing the "F" prompt DOES NOT TRIGGER THE "ON USED" EVENT!! Any logic that created with the trigger's "on used" event is not executed. The only way to execute the "on used" logic is to use the volume when you actually see the "F" prompt, which, as mentioned earlier, needs to be done by look left or right. I can't expect the player to know this, so I just have to forgo the "on used" event. For now, I rely on the door's "on opened" event instead.

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There is no need for the trigger to open the secret door. If you set the door to be a secret door you can still open it by pressing F. Its coded into the secret door automatically. Then just have what you want triggered off opening the door set to the door opening itself.

Ive had trouble with the trigger boxes outside of just walking through them. For example the shootable triggers kick everyone but the host.

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