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'Lockdown complete' announcement sometimes not heard

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I wonder if this a widely seen phenomenon or just me, but sometimes when a lockdown concludes, I don't hear the Vega voice saying "Lockdown complete." This can occur in a wave event's lockdown, or a manual lockdown logic added to a module. If it is the latter, I can delay the "end lockdown" action by a few seconds to make sure the player hears "Lockdown complete." I find out I have to delay it by as many as 4 seconds. A wave event provides no way to delay the "lockdown complete", however. I figure the missing audio is probably due to its being covered up by other audio while the lockdown is ending. Of course, today's technology should have no problem play multiple audio clips simultaneously, so this is likely a bug.

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I've never experienced this myself but in my first SnapMap I made I made the facility voice say "Main power offline" and this delayed the VEGA voice the game plays.

It'd be nice if id allowed us to disable the automatic VEGA vocices so we could script it to play ourselves on the other hand.

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