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Looking to Play Organized Multiplayer Sessions

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I've been wanting to get into the community and play some of the organized Death match games that are organized here on Doomworld. Problem is, I dont know where to start. I see multiple different events that seem to be happening like Friday night frag fest, Thursday night survival, etc.

I tried looking at the multiplayer FAQ as well but it was an outdated page only explaining how to setup Doom multiplayer.

Can anyone help start off?

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I can certainly try! For deathmatch games, your best bets are #dmstuff on quakenet IRC, #deathmatch on Zandronum IRC and #zdplayers on ZDaemon IRC. I usually use Doom Explorer because it supports all 3 ports and IRC natively which is super convenient.

I would like to schedule and host more of my own events, but work tends to get in the way. Between making threads here and hanging in those 3 IRC channels, you'll definitely be able to schedule some games (or just hop into ones at your leisure)

Hope this helps!

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Play FNF; it has all the fragging you need in your life.

Setup zandronum to play it like doomkid has in this thread.

Servers and times are in Marcaek's threads as well as the links for setting up zandronum the first time (The wiki and forums). We spam up irc.zandronum.com with server links too when the event occurs. Server names always have "FRIDAY NIGHT FRAGFEST" in them, for both the European and American event.

edit: oh u read the FAQ already I see. Well u still need zandronum set up with your controls and doom2.wad, getwad setup, and need to be able to find the server (ctrl+F). That's pretty much it!!!!!!!!!!1

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