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Walter confetti

Booming barrels test facility

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(in-development picture)

download, cl 9, MAP01.

Shorty techbase map, made for testing boom compatibility with Doom Retro.

Wasn't sure if uploading here or donate to mayhem project (or some other project)...

Obviously, feedback and demos are always welcome. Bye!

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The door to the secret berserk pack closes after one second, slowing your progress in an already awkward area (64-wide hallway, 72-high ceiling, the height also meaning that the door blocks you basically immediately after it starts closing). But the lifts are the Vanilla type, which take five seconds, one right after another. Kind of baffling timing choices. It should be reversed if anything. The imp at the start and the perched revenant also are kind of iffy. Would hand out the chaingun in the starting room and lower the revenant perch to 64-high, allowing a quick SSG kill.

This sort of level really benefits from flowing well, and the aforementioned things prevent that. Also could use more barrels, and more low-tier monsters scattered around, and more ammo for them.

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Thanks for the feedback rdwpa, fixed from the bugs you found and added more ammo, health, barrels and monsters!

Link updated in OP.

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