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[SnapMap Update] Hand-Placed AI Conductor!

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While the brand new windows are really cool, the best thing to come from this update is the "AI Conductor Managed" property that is now available for hand-placed enemies.

Basically what this does is automatically manage hand-placed enemies by showing them if you're close enough and hiding them if you're far away. When they're hidden they're also removed from memory, which allows nearby monsters to be active instead. That's right, no more having to set up a gazillion triggers throughout your level to ensure the 12-monster limit doesn't bite you in the ass and break your map! This means less fiddling with bullshit, and more focusing on the actual design of your map.

Do keep in mind the limit is still there, though, so avoid hand-placing more than 12 monsters in a single module/concentrated area whenever possible.

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This might actually help with the crashing in my map as I have a lot of (but under 12) Baron Of Hells running in the map eventually at the same time.

Will try this out later.

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Yeah, it's hidden like most of Snapmap.

Place a demon (that isn't a possessed X) and then click on the demon and go to properties. It's at the very bottom, a checkbox that says something about it being conductor managed.

Like I said, kinda half-assed like the windows "update".

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