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Screenshots, please? And maybe a description, although from the name I can guess that there are many traps in the map.

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This map is legitimate, if anyone wants to know prior to downloading it. Also, screenshots are common practice here with anything made available as well as stating what port the map is intended to be played with. By examining the map, it seems like a ZDoom required level.

Can't currently play it, but I figured I'd at least try to be helpful~

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So played through this and here's what I have to say about this map:

For a first wad, this isnt really THAT bad, it looks kinda good, but, this map was REALLY unforgiving. I didn't find the bfg secret, so I aced it only with rocket launcher and berserk fists, you could have given the player more health, as I was stuck below 30 health the whole time. You should also balance enemy placement, as in, dont put 4-5 archviles in the same place, as this is what I consider to be bullshit. All of the traps were enemies spawning in front of you or somewere else in the map. If you are also doing this type of map, atleast give the player lots of room to move, since with all those enemies, its really hard to move around while trying to hide from arch viles while a spider mastermind shoots you and a bunch of homing revenant missiles are chasing you around. Not fun at all. This would be more or less a slaughter map, or something like that.

(Also sorry if I came out a bit harsh, buuuut I really cant say anything else.)

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