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Snapmap keeps crashing since update...

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After installing the new update patch yesterday, Snapmap keeps on crashing and booting me out of the game into the PS4 XMB with an error message code (sorry, I didn't record the code at this time).

Has this happened with anyone else?

I was in the middle of building a level weeks before the patch and only went back to it after installing the patch.

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Every patch needs to be patched, its always been the case these days. Due to some hectic times i've been unable to check out the new stuff, apart from centered weapons on multi (yay!!!). I cant wait to hear feom u level builders how is new skybox and hell setting doin?

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Graphic_Delusions said:

They were not in the patch.

I think they're coming out when the first DLC arrives.

The skybox is actually there, but it's only visible via window props (in the Large Props category). You can't actually go outside or anything.

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