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Some Custom Skies

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Here are some skies I converted from another game I also play a lot called Populous - The Beginning. So far, these are the most interesting because nearly all of the skies from the game is your generic blue sky with white clouds. If people like these I will convert more with some alterations to the coloring to fit Doom's style.

And yes they tile; both horizontally and vertically.

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You should crosspost this over onto the ZDoom forums as well.

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Piper Maru said:

Can we use them in our maps?

I wouldn't be posting these if I wanted others to use them. :P

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Pinchy said:

TThe top right one is a head sideways, spoopy.

It is more than one face. It reminds me of a certain DooM texture...
These are good, though, including that one.

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