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Doom 2D forever MIDI

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So, I have always liked the music in Doom 2d forever (Basically doom, but platforming shooter like style), since the music it has is, as far as I know, completely original. The thing is, they're not midi files, but .xm/extended modules, and although the music is great and all, I wanted to have midi files of the songs, so I booted up FL Studio and did this:

Direct midi download: dropbox.com/s/2v15agwjb9shdm7/Ease.mid?dl=0

Shameless self promotion: https://soundcloud.com/bootleg-dude/doom-2d-forever-midi-ease

There is a download link for the MIDI file and stuff, you can use it in whatever you want, just give credit and stuff. And maybe give credit to Doom 2D Forever since they made the original music and stuff.

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