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Heretic and Doom wad

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Hi guys im back to bring you two wads.

Doom 2
Name:The Golden Age
Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/wvsprpshd6ir1ft/The_Golden_Age.wad
Map layout:https://postimg.org/image/ydhstroyp/

Name:Going Downtown
Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/313p1h33bvdca6q/Going_DownTown.wad
Map layout:https://postimg.org/image/fzezx66xj/

Tested with Zandronum and Zdoom

Feedback would be always appreciated thanks.

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I played the doom map.

It wasn't very interesting to play. It's just enter room, shoot bad guys. Rince and repeat. You don't even have any branching paths to look for extra supplies or something. Very call of duty. Visually you have bunch of stylistically disjointed rooms with flat lighting.


Literally zero variation in lightning. What is worse you have zero monsters with the "ambush" -flag. All your encounters are just monsters waiting in a room or in a monster closet.

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@DarkMasterXbone said:

The design was a definite improvement over your last one. There is a natural transition from the tech base to hell texture usages this time around.

You should've added the Berserk pack way early on in the level. I kept running out of ammo and having to kill all those pinkies with melee was too tedious and time consuming, there simply wasn't enough chaingun or shotgun ammo early on.

The level needed more optional rooms to explore and also to be more devious with traps and enemy choices. Most of the map consisted of low-tier enemies like imps, zombies and pinkies appearing from monster closets in front of you.

There was also a minor visual issue here with the ceiling textures being set to F_SKY.

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