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Summer Games Done Quick 2016

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I can see Strife and Hexen runs on the schedule, interesting, are those new or did I just forget that they were there in previous years too?

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I think those are both new to the lineup. Also, our very own Dime is running Plutonia the same night.

I'm not sure I'll be able to donate this year (I went back to school and I'm hemorrhaging cash) so I'm going to contribute to the cause in my own way. In all the archived GDQ Doom runs, the runners and their couch groupies just can't seem to explain a trick in less than thirty seconds of stumbling verbiage. Here's a handy list of quick, naturalistic explanations that any speedrun fan can understand. Dime, pin this to the back of your chair.


"Doomguy moves so fast that the engine has to check for collisions twice every frame or else he'd run right through walls. But, when you're running against some walls, there's a glitch in the extra collision check that basically gives you two frames' worth of movement in a single frame."


"The gap is the same width as the Doomguy, so you'd think it'd be easy to get through. The reason it's hard is that the Doom engine tracks Doomguy's exact position to about seven decimal places, and you can't squeeze through until the decimals are exactly zero."

Death slide:

"Doomguy loses most of his height when he dies so his corpse just slides underneath the bars. Corpses still activate all movement triggers, including exit triggers."

I might review past runs to see if there are other sticking points in the commentary. Any requests?

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