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Viscra Maelstrom

BFG Division MIDI

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i already posted this here in the Doom 2016 MIDI thread in Doom General, but i figured this would be a more appropriate place to post it at.

as the title suggests, this is a MIDI i made of the track BFG Division from Doom 4. it's not entirely accurate to the source-material, but it's a case of "close enough" for me, and a case of "Doom-ifying" it to make it fit the mood of the original Doom games.

you can find the MIDI over here: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/7pb3rf0n1yg4l47/BFG%20Division.mid?dl=0

if you want to compare it to the source-material, here's a video of the original track:


please tell me what you think of it! this was pretty roughly made in under 2 hours tops so there might be some things in it that could be improved on.

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Hey it's not bad. It's the beginning and build up that feels the least accurate to the original but once it hit its peak it was very close, and awesome.

Whether you did or didn't intend to copy the song note to note I still would like the beginning drums to produce more of a unique rhythm. At the moment it sounds like a pro-longed repetitive double-kick. This is just my personal opinion and I know nothing about MIDI.

You should get someone to add this to their wad, it's pretty good.

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The percussion intro is too long IMO, should be cut short to have the introduction of other instruments happen much sooner.

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the intro was the part that i kind of rushed on, because i wasn't sure how to make the rhythm sound unique. it's also why it's so long, since i cut the patterns to be even. i could probably cut away half of the repeats to make it sound more accurate to the source-material, but i'm not really sure what to do to make it sound better.

is the main-part of the song okay, though?

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okay, so i've edited the MIDI now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/drdn824lp4dch7v/BFG%20Division_2.mid?dl=0

the intro has been cut off by about half a minute, and edited to sound more interesting, there's modulation added to some instruments to make them sound more wave-y and like the instruments in the actual song, and i added a gunshot instrument to the end of the song to mimic when the song goes back to ambient in the game. let me know if there's anything else i should do with it.

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