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GBA Doom 2 pics and info!

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IMJack said:

Green blood!?!? @$#*$%!!!

if they used it wouldnt be rated Teen, now would it?

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Again complaing about the green blood. If the gameplay's there, and it runs sweet, I'm willing to live with it. Seems that the disappearing bodies are a thing of the past.

I think it looks sweet. The res seems a bit higher than the first one.

Looks like Circle of Destruction and Refueling Base are in the game. :)

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how much will they cut from this doom is what i'm wondering. Didn't the last doom for gba not have a spiderdemon boss? Heh, i would guess then that gba dosn't have the capasity to do something like map 30 then with its limitations. Damn shame they don't imprivise with something that would be NEW and INNOVATIVE and MAKE ME LOOK FOWARD TO ITS RELEASE like A NEW BOSS. okay i'm done now

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Um, for the last time, the reason for the missing items, missing levels, missing enemies, and cut-up levels is because GBA Doom was a port of the Jaguar version NOT the PC version. I've said this a million times. The programmers used the Jaguar code to save time and effort. The fault of the missing stuff is Jaguar Doom's fault, NOT the Game Boy Advance.

GBA Doom 2, however, is being done from scratch, by the same people who are making Duke Nukem Advance. That has to say something. Doom 2 will be MUCH different and MUCH better than the first GBA Doom.

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