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I still suck at understanding ACS aside from cutting and pasting and maybe changing a few numbers to get the result I want. I ripped this code from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cF5-QPAXGk8 and was hoping it could be used to make two items spawn when a box is destroyed instead of one (by using the script arguments when I right click on the linedefs in question and entering the appropriate spawn numbers). However, I can get the first bonus to work. Not so much the second. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

script 102 (Int tid, Int bonus, Int bonus2)
    int i;
setlinespecial(tid, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);
floor_lowerinstant(0, 0, 8);
for(i=0; i != 15; i++)
thing_projectilegravity(108,6001, random(0, 224), random(50, 70), random(10, 20));
thing_spawnNoFog(tid+1, bonus, random(20, 80));
thing_spawnNoFog(tid+2, bonus2, random(20, 80));

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What exact parameters are you calling the script with? What are the TIDs of the map spot things that you are trying to spawn the bonuses onto?

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I'm using UDMF. Using Action 80 (script execute), on projectile impact with switch height check. Script Argument 1 is 108, argument 2 is 139, argument 3 is 8. I haven't put anything for Map Number. The MapSpot that works is tagged 109. I have a second one there that's vacillated between 109 and 110 to see what will work. I thought perhaps having two MapSpots would make it work, and I correspondingly set the second Thing_SpawnNoFog at Tid+2 instead of +1.

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rabidrage said:

argument 3 is 8.

That's a pinky demon, who is a solid object with relatively large radius. Does he have enough free space to spawn, without being obstructed by a wall or another solid thing near the map spot? Also, if there are multiple map spots with the same TID in your map, and you call Thing_SpawnNoFog with that TID to spawn a specific object onto it, then one instance of the object will be spawned onto each of the map spots (unless physically blocked, as I said above).

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