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Custom resources not loading...GZDoom Builder

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When I add resources which contain custom monsters and textures to the 'add resource...' map options section in GZDoom builder, it all shows up only when I TEST the map in GZDoom Builder. But when I play the actual saved separate WAD file, all those custom textures and monsters are missing. How do I solve this? Do I need slade to add custom things in my map??

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You answersed your own question already when you mentioned separate.

In order to see the custom monsters you need to open the port you are using and load both, your saved pwad and the resource pwad. Use the command line, batch file or drag both files on top of the port icon.

See http://zdoom.org/wiki/Installation_and_execution_of_ZDoom

Alternatively combine the two pwads using Slade3.

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So this should work even though I'm using 5 different texture resource wads as well as directory files full of custom monsters and textures?? Also everything wad related is saved to automatically be opened by gzdoom source port.

I don't understand why I can have all these custom things in my test map on the builder but they don't come out on the wad file that gets saved to my desktop.
This should be easy but I'm finding it hard.

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GZDoomBuilder is just a map editor. The custom resources you reference in your map won't be in your WAD until you put them in there using a lump editor like SLADE3.

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