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Honey Sandwich Duel - A.K.A. Kapanyo finally uploads a WAD

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A single-map Vanilla Duel WAD which was named after the creator's lunch

And just because I say so, it's also to celebrate my 15th birthday, even though that was on the 22nd of May.

You may be wondering...
What on Earth is that title? And why is it called Honey Sandwich?" Well, my fellow fraggers, let me tell you the courageous, inspiring story behind this Duel level's name...

Today, I decided to make a Duel map. While doing so, I happened to be eating a honey sandwich. After finishing the map, I thought to myself, "Hmm... this is certainly great awful, but it needs a name! What can I call it...?" I then cast my gaze downwards at the sandwich I was holding in my hand.

Suddenly, it clicked.

-An Exit
-"Balanced" weapon placement
-A Plasma Rifle
-A BFG 9000
-A "cleaned-up" Automap (detail is marked as "hidden", level boundary linedefs marked as "secret", everything else is marked as "shown", etc.)
-Awful new music
-Atrocious new Title and intermission pics
-Ear-bleeding new sound effects (fire the Plasma or the BFG and you'll know what I mean)
-Relaxing smooth jazz
-Honey sandwiches

(I dunno)
(This was all thrown together in the space of 3 hours)

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That first screenie looks good!

Happy belated birthday man.

Btw, you should redraw that splash screen to be cut like a sailboat; for extra goodness of course.

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Dk, you thinking what I'm thinking?

I'll be on the irc tomorrow night

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joe-ilya said:

When I think of cozyness in doom, stuff like this pops into my mind.

Ha ha, that's quite a unique comment. Thanks!

I need to test this thing online at some point, rather than just against bots.

I should also point out that a minor patch will be released regardless of any errors revealed during testing - some linedefs outside of the play area are marked as "shown", the teleporters glow at different brightnesses (despite the control sector I thought I had made), some zero-height sectors are adjusted incorrectly (mainly in the exit) and I guess I forgot that EXITDOOR is only 72 units high... meaning that the Exit door's border (which is, confusingly, an offset EXITDOOR) creates a small tutti-fruiti effect in Vanilla Doom.

Fonze said:

Btw, you should redraw that splash screen to be cut like a sailboat; for extra goodness of course.

Then there's also this. A must-have for V2.

Thanks for the kind comments, guys! <3

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Oh, and since one of the "features" listed in the OP was "Smooth jazz", I'm thinking now that this was a missed opportunity to use DWANGO5's Map 20 MIDI.
Thoughts? What could I use that for in V2? Intermission screen music? Or a new map?

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