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New Game Mode, Comments and Suggestions Please

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Hello all,
I've created a new level that I have really enjoyed play testing, and I hope you guys will too.

There are four teams, each with their own base. Players must retrieve one of their power cores from each of the opposing bases and install them in their home base. (Kinda 4-way ctf) In addition, there is one grey core in the “basement” that must also be returned to your base for victory. The first team to install all three of their cores and the grey core in their base wins!

Colored walls direct the way to each base. (Blue wall = blue base this way)
Players may not manipulate another team’s cores. (Red player can not pick up or move Green core)
ALL players may move and manipulate the grey core (including stealing from an enemy base)
Level geometry and item placements are mirrored 4 ways so that no team has an advantage.
The first pickup of the grey core triggers demon’s spawning for duration of level.
When killed, players will drop any cores they are carrying where they die. You have to choose between bringing cores to your base one at a time (slow) or risk getting killed and dropping them in an inconvenient place.

Core War - PR7SCBVR
Core War 2v2 - SJH2F28Y - Same level but with two red players and two blue players for coop play.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Thanks!

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