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GZDoom 2.0: 5.1 surround sound not properly working..

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Hi. I have a sound blaster Zx and Logitech z506 5.1 surround speakers.

I use GZDoom 2.0 with Reshade + Mastereffect for Wolfenstein 3D TC, Brutal Doom and Heretic/Hexen. (I use Risen3D for regular Doom, Doom II, Plutonia and Evilution, and sound is AMAZING on Risen3D with ALchemy).

I have a problem getting GZDoom 2.0 to properly utilize the surround sound.

I have tried setting up the sound in FMOD and also in OpenAL with GZDoom set up in Creative ALchemy.

All I can get is the music in all speakers while the sound fx are still in stereo.
I can hear the music behind me but when a sound that is behind me (like a door closing or an enemy behind me) I only hear that effect in the front left and front right, and no sound fx in the center, rear left or rear right speakers.

The only sound settings that allows the music to play in all speakers is 5.1 24bit 48000Hz.

Is it because GZDoom only outputs up to 48000Hz? (Doom 4 only works with surround sound on 96000Hz, and only outputs to stereo on 48000Hz).

Is there something I am doing wrong, or does GZDoom support 5.1 surround for the music only?

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TBQH I didn't even know that were any ports with surround sound support. Must get on with the times, I guess.

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FmodEx in G/ZDoom uses world sim for sound so it handles upto 7.1 perfectly fine. Your issue is elsewhere, like perhaps you're loading a soundpack that doesn't use mono sound (3D sound must be mono for it to be panned properly), or you've missed something blatant in the settings?
(Bitrate and frequency has absolutely zero to do with it.)

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