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Sound blaster 128 pci synth not showing in xp, normal?

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Got my hands on a few old, old sound cards including a roland and something with opl3. In win 98, the sound blaster pci shows up as having its' own synth but in xp it doesn't. However on 98 its' synth sounds identical to the MS wavetable synth on win 7. I'm chasing fairy floss by trying to get a card that sounds like the midi in doom 2 (It sounded better than opl3/sb16 but not as good as wavetable)

On that topic, I have drivers from the era, they are:

analog devices ad1816
avance logic as007

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MusicallyInspired said:

You'll need WinXP specific drivers. Win98 drivers won't work.

I'm using the drivers built into xp.

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The built-in windows driver will only use this as a generic midi device. You probably won't be able to load in soundfonts or use it's other features properly. There is a driver on Creative's website for WinXP, the last supported OS for this card.

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