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My E1M1 inspired map - Phobos Abandoned Station (+Bonus)

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UPDATE: Changed link for a slight update (Thanks to walter confaloneri for feedback), changing some textures and adding some small details. Still must update the screenshots, though.

Here is a map I made that is inspired and mostly based in the idea of E1M1 in a way, with some differences and original details (The map is not a copy of E1M1). This was made with vanilla Doom format, so it should work with the source port you use, and the WAD is intended for Doom 1/Ultimate Doom.

Here are some screenshots:

And here is the download link:


And here is the bonus of a deathmatch map I made that is for Doom 2. I may later do a thread that will have updated versions of the WAD since I may add more maps to it.


As usual feedback is welcome, tell me in case of bugs and glitches and thanks for playing.

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Sure looks pretty bare bones as detailing works...

At least change CEIL1_1 to CEIL3_5 for ceiling at least... and that wooden floor on the third shot...

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