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Flesh and Carnage (map inspired by The Thing)

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Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4hppytuiacpdp3b/FaC.zip

Flesh and Carnage is a map inspired by one of my favorite movies, The Thing, by John Carpenter. This is my first map, and I made it mainly to test out all of the cool mapping techniques that I've read about and seen over the years. This map requires a limit removing port, as it uses some Boom features like conveyor belts and I also went a little overboard on the detailing. In this mod, the UAC's experiments with bilogical tissue regeneration has gone wrong and large portions of the research facility you're in has been consumed by a fleshy, organic growth. You're the last one left alive, you're gonna have to fight to escape, yadda yadda...

Feel free to leave feedback and report any bugs should you find one. And most important, I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.



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The armor bonus at the beginning is going to waste, as you immediately get the armor afterwards.

Visually, the level is rather flat and dull, even for Doom, but for the most part I do not really mind. The only area I have a problem with is the hangar with the things that are supposed to be trucks but just look terrible. Even TNT Evilution managed to come up with something more convincing than that. I also get the feeling the dorm doors where you begin should be taller, as it looks like the texture you used is getting cut at the top.

Not too sure about the Tormentor667 bestiary. While they felt appropriate for something like Strange Aeons, here most of them just come across as random.

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