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"Heretic's Doom" - A SnapMap Singleplayer Campaign

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I just put the finishing touches on four singleplayer maps for Snapmap. Old-school gameplay and some puzzles and what not. Put a lot of effort into them. You can find them by searching Heretic's Doom. I'm planning on making three full episodes. So far I got E1M1 (a tribute to the original's level), E1M2 (completely original), and E1M3 (Also a tribute to the classic level). Just published "Pre-E1M9", the pre-secret level. That one is based on the first secret map in Doom 64: Hectic! Give 'em a go and leave a rating! It's called Heretic's Doom because my GT is Raging Heretic. It's not really a reference to the game Heretic or anything more story-explainable than that.

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