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Custom Ammo works in offline, but not online

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Hey there, I'm having trouble with my custom ammo types.


I have about 5 different types of ammo for 5 different weapons. In the normal game when I'm not playing online, I can pick up the ammo boxes and I get said ammo, I can pick up the weapons and it also gives me the ammo.

The problem is online, only the weapons will give ammo when picking them up but the actual ammo boxes don't give me any ammo, despite them being picked up when run over.

This didn't happen before when I think the ammo was inheriting a bit from the normal. But as I want everything to be custom, and I want the icons working (which they didn't before this) I wonder how to overcome the problem.

Also beyond me is the player starting with no ammo in his gun, even though I told the game to give him some. This also happens to happen in offline too.

This is all avoided when I set Weapon.AmmoType to use say a clip, or shellbox or what have you. This also makes me start the game with some ammo in the weapon. But doing it this way still means the ammo icon in the corner of the screen displays the default ammo, and not the custom boxes I want them to use, despite putting in the values to do that. The ammo icons work fine for the in game ammo objects though so there is that. But when I change the values Weapon.AmmoType to say "GTAGUNAMMO" it all goes back to not picking up ammo in online but yet does separate pistol ammo from machine gun ammo like I want....

The other reason in part for me wanting everything replaced is so I can then separate machine gun ammo from pistol ammo, as of usual they would both be inheriting from clips. I don't want these weapons sharing ammo. All the other weapons inherit from the other available types.

Here is the whole WAD and stuff.

It works in GZDoom, it won't run in Zandronum

*Edit again again*

Nope actually I haven't fixed it....again it all works in single player, but not multiplayer, I have absolutely no idea what is different. I have tried replacing the ammo and miscellaneous items but the result is the same. I have tried setting all the flags back to default but to no effect.

Well I give up. I have just decided to make one ammo crate that can be used by both my pistol and machinegun. I initially wanted these weapons to have separate distinct ammo but because of the lack of ammo types, at least one of these weapons has to share from another because making my own entirely new ammo type...doesn't work online which sucks because it is a deathmatch map I am making. Oh well, they'll have to be nice and share then.

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