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What if there is a machine for just playing Doom?

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My dumb idea is about Original DOS Doom series. Not include Doom 3 or further. Not Even a Doom 64.

What will be looks like? What function will supported? It'll just like a, I play doom on my small laptop? I'm curious for others thinking.

By the way sorry about my English if you don't get my point. I'll explain more when you asking.

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You mean like a laptop that specifically only played doom?

That would be kind of cool actually, if you designed the laptop with Doom textures in mind ie airbrushed the front, back and keyboard with Doom-style art. Would be convenient too.

Is that what you mean?

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Well, no matter what, in the end it would still be a general purpose computer with Doom on it. Doom is too complex to make a dedicated device like e.g. a Pong console or Tetris handheld out of it, using only discrete components and ASICs, if that's what you meant.

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Originally, this idea came to me when I was rolling in the bed and want to playing Doom without turn on my hot desktop. I know there is a mobile port for Doom, but I don't like the idea of touchscreen FPS control.

So, yeah, I like when you guys show me some cool stuff and share the ideas. Thanks. I love that DoomBox.

And yes, I guess Doom is too complex to make a dedicated device. Specially when I want to make a level or download and play some PWADs. Or hard to do multiplay maybe? But it can be done with simple internet support I think. I don't know. I'm not experience Doom multiplay yet.

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