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More Mouse Weirdness

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Seems like the slightest up and down motion (that is, mouse away from me or towards me, as opposed to left or right) will register very noticeably as a turn, which is quite an odd sensation and affects movement seriously.

I think it's supposed to do that, but the weird thing is that it's asymmetrical; leftward tugs are a lot stronger and more noticeable. I have a large mouse and it's oriented at a slight angle when I play, but I think I would have noticed this many months ago if that alone were the problem.

It's most noticeable by far when I move and turn simultaneously. The overall feeling is of something either pushing on me or resisting motion, depending on the direction of the anomalous nonsense. Sometimes when I come to a stop, it feels like I keep turning (even though I've stopped any intentional inputs). Sometimes the view will randomly snap back, very rapidly, opposing my turn, as if two inputs are battling to see who gets to move Doomguy.

I didn't change anything -- mouse sensitivity in prBoom+ and Windows are still the same. I'm not sure what would suddenly cause this. One thing that changed I guess is that the weather is now very humid and hot, so maybe the optical thingy gets cloudy frequently? I have no idea.

Have any of you ever experienced this?

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