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Naked Snake

new guns part two

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5-1=Twin mode explosive launcher
Primary:Shoot explosive straight like a rocket
Secondary:Shoot explosive like grenade
(reloads after 2 shots)

5-2=LAW (light anti-tank weapon)
(reloads after 1 shot)

6-1=UAC twin mode weapon (flamethrower)
Primary:Shoot stream of fire
Secondary:Shoot ball of flame at the ground making a flame wall (this uses 10 ammo)

6-2=UAC twin mode weapon (Lightning gun)
Primary:Shoot bolt of lightning straight
Secondary:Shoot bolt of lightning fill your field of vision (uses 5 ammo a second)

7-1=Hand Grenade
Primary:Toss and explodes after 5 seconds
Secondary:Toss three at a time (of course this uses 3 ammo)

Primary:Toss and when it explodes sends fireballs all over
Secondary:Toss and when it explodes it makes a bright white flash (basically for DM but EDGE does not support DM yet)

8-1=Gattling Gun
(reloads after 100 shots)

8-2=Twin Gattling Guns
Primary:Shoot straight
Secondary:Sweep room
(Doesnt reload because max ammo for gattling guns is 200)

9-1=One bladed chainsaw
Secondary:Swing down diagnoly

9-2=Twin bladed chainsaw
Secondary:Make blades shoot forward and cut for a few seconds then be pulled back by their chain

0-1=Claymore anti-personell Mines
(you can trip these as well as monsters but they do not arm for at least 4 seconds)

0-2=Two double barrel sawed off shotguns
Primary:Shoot 1 barrel at a time from each gun
Secondary:Shoot both barrels from each gun at the same time
(reloads after all the barrels are empty)

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Why the hell there has to be "twin" or "double" weapons? And I wouldn't try to throw 3 grenades, that sounds dangerous (unless the doomguy has very large hands, or the grenades are very small :) Other than that I have no comments.

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These weapons sound good, but how are you gonna put them ALL into the numberpad above the letters on the keyboard?

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Ive decided to make it to toss two grenades...he holds one in each hand and bites down on the pins and tosses them...OK!

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