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Matchmaker is unbelievably broken (picks 1 vs 3)

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Just waited 10 minutes for a freeze tag queue (or round modes in general) to find 4 players, and it made it 1 on 3 and launched the match.

Why wouldn't it pick 2 on 2? This is amazingly bad and dumb.

Hopefully free-for-all comes soon, because it could drum up more interest, and also so their amazingly poor team optimizing won't be a factor. It's mindboggling how a mistake like this could be in a finished game.

I've run into a lot of lopsided matches in the more populated modes too, but starting lopsided on purpose, that is especially silly code.

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Not a lot of players like to play Freeze tag i can tell, most of them are playing Soul Harvest, Domination and Team Deathmatch .

Some would like to play Freeze tag but seeing nobody creating lobbies for it they would just wait few mns before leaving, Worse they don't even attempt to rejoin, That's why we really need the Alpha server browser back, It would help bringing some attention to that mode .

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