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Help with Brightness on 3D Floor

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I understand how to change brightness within the dummy sector, which controls the brightness below the 3D floor. And above, you simply change the sector brightness.

I have a 3D 'box' that I want to change the brightness value of the texture itself like how you can normally do on standard walls, without changing sector brightness.

Changing the Front-side wall texture brightness on the 3D box, or within the dummy sector, does nothing.

Can you help? It's a little dark, but the reddish texture you see, I want to make that texture BRIGHT and I'm putting a dynamic light there. It's a 3D floor (box kinda thing)


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Does it really not work when you increase brightness of THE APPROPRIATE SIDE of the linedef that you want to be highlighted, nor the control linedef of the 3D floor IN FRONT OF the texture? Well, you said you want to put a dynamic light in there anyway, so the dynamic light itself would light up the texture, maybe that would have to be enough for you. Another solution would be to create an additional thin sector with its own 3D floor right in front of the texture that you want to be highlighted, increase the sector's brightness and possibly use floor/ceiling brightness transfers to make its floor and ceiling not lit up, only the intended texture.

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There are 3D floor flags where the sides will use the upper or lower texture of their own lines, instead of the texture of the control line. Do that, and then try to see if line brightness on these lines still doesn't work.

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