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Getting bots to work on GZDoom with Doom-Touch

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So, I've been using Doom Touch a lot and I really want to be able to use bots - just so I can open up my phone and play a Deathmatch while I wait for the bus or whatever.
The thing is, the three source ports supported by Doom Touch are Chocolate Doom, PR/GLBoom and GZDoom.

I know bots have been made for ZDoom, and I know where I'm meant to place a .CFG file I create, but there's no zcajun folder in my GZDoom files on my phone.
I've tried creating one and placing a .cfg there, but in-game it still gives me the "No bots found in bots.cfg" message when I use AddBot.

Does anyone have any ideas for what to do?

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Whoa! I got it to run in my D-Touch!

Wait. You made the folder yourself AND the cfg? I don't think that would ever work. And what version do you have?

Beloko wrote in the update log that he added bots support for Gzdoom on version 4.0 and onwards.(also multiplayer, but Beloko plans on making a launcher for that)

Download ZCajun, extract it, take the folder "zcajun" and put it in "FULL". That's it!

BTW, I now use D-Touch 4.1, which has this update.

There, problem solved!

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Oh my god, thanks so much! <3

Also, Muiplayer?! That would be so cool! I didn't know Beloko was still working on D-Touch (since it got taken off the Play Store for bull "copyright infringement" over the app icon).

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