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Asking opinions. Player spectator bot?

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So been fiddling with current mods and gameplay stuff. Wanted the skirmish mode Zandronum offered but also a playerbot for spectator mode. Going through other forums and sites, I guess a few people have asked for player bots and everyone has said there's too much going on in the game to make one. But I have a different solution. All I want is an botted spectator camera. Basically I am guessing it would be easier if this player bot controlled a spectator player to follow around another player or bot for a random amount of time and at a random distance. Then once the time is over, switch to a different player. Initially will take place on the ground but future versions might include floating spectator. What do you all think? Possible? Also, as most of you can guess I'm not working off any experience programming/mapmaking in Doom (I just can figure out how to plug in mods).

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Sounds cool but you might have to write your own code for viewing purposes. If you've ever tried spying on multiplayer bots (default key: F12) on zdaemon or zandro you'll notice their views are super jittery that it almost gives you a headache to watch.

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Ouch just tried that and got the headache and the old doom motion sickness (something I haven't experienced in a long time). Okay... well I'll have to actually learn the code then (when I'm taking breaks from learning java). Unless anyone knows a way to set the bots to doom monster speed with a quick edit/console command type deal.

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