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Who remembers the Doom Pack for Duke3d?

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Basically, it was a bunch of Doom-THEMED maps in Duke3d, using Doom and Doom 2 textures, taking up all three episodes of Duke3d, for DM. A few I remember were "Natas Is Watching", a simple arena where freshly spawned players immediately land on conveyorbelts and are flug into a arena where the Icon Of Sin watches on, "Wolfenstein", a generic Wolf-style level, and that's all I remember. The same crew also completed one episode of a Quake Pack.

Anyone remember that? I may try to hunt down a link fer yas.

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there used to be a websight hosted by telefragged that had links to all duke nukem wads. Its gone now and i think that mod might be as well. Try a google search or two and see what comes up.

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