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PowerSlave(PSX) TC

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Good night everyone (or morning). Not so long ago, I thought I'd try to do. Out in light port PowerSlaveEx, and I do not much thought, decided to move on to weapons. The matter did not end weapons)
Maud has not completed yet, made weapons, ammo and lives system (a test). Balancing \ placement on the map and the menu is not yet made, but will be soon.



Mod Link:

Music for mod:

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Ah I've been seeing screenies for this on the screenie thread, been looking forward to playing it. I'll have to check this out at some point!

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So spread your second update.
What is done:
5 artifacts (6). List:
PSshawl - levitation, but with gravity.
PSSandals - Superior jump
PSHorusFeather - levitation, with the ability to hover in the air.
PSKilmaatScepter - Sooooo test thing. It opens the door to a random level. Unfold usually those doors that have a number other than zero. In the future, I bolted to the bordering artifact, but for now - indulge)
PSProtectiveAnklets - Protection from lava and acid.
It will be a mask as its Bole less thoughtful.

system of life - a maximum of 400 units. To increase the total count of need to raise the "ankh". Right under the health bar will show how many more left (pink dots)
New Added an item - full of life and full of ammunition.

Monsters is not a rule for complete things for debugging.
Immediately, I note, is not the normal balance (thought out) due to the test assembly.

Link for those who are interested:

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