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GMP 4 - "Underworldly Cry"

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When you though it was all, down the way there goes another!!!
Gustavo's MIDI Pack
(not that it means I'm this good at composing, but anyway, less cry and more presentation)

Now featuring DOUBLE (10) the musics! (Not so keen in the duration, maybe, though...)

Roll on the Music List:
10.| Big Loss for Big Fight
9. .| Killed in a Heart Beat
8. .| Demonic Encounter
7. .| Way for the Yay
6. .| Neverloss
5. .| Tense Breakout
4. .| Pantcrap (I honestly don't know yet to this day why it has such name)
3. .| Super Flame Death
2. .| Take the Game Over
1. .| Beast of Worlds!

Yeah, plenty to listen to today. And of quite some genres! ;)

Oh, and of course, before I forget, a nice All-In-One ZIP as always!

Have a good Listen! :)

EDIT: why the GMP title keeps vanishing each edit... ._.

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If I had a mapping stream, I would rock this shit out.

Seriously though, this isn't as bad as your previous work, you are getting better.

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Normally I wouldn't download ten separate links (why not zip them?), but since it's Gustavo the maestro I can't resist.

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rdwpa said:

Normally I wouldn't download ten separate links (why not zip them?), but since it's Gustavo the maestro I can't resist.

Ok, in moments I'll update the OP with a zipped version.

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Bout time you got some proper feedback so I'm gonna listen to all of these (and GMP 3) and see where you're at. I have been hearing improvements in your more recent work so I'd advise you to stick with that goal. :)

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These are good, but sometimes you forget what you were going for and change the pace abruptly, some midis start slow and steady, then after a few seconds it's becoming into a frenzy with drum and guitar solos out of nowhere and vice versa.

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joe-ilya said:

These are good, but sometimes you forget what you were going for and change the pace abruptly, some midis start slow and steady, then after a few seconds it's becoming into a frenzy with drum and guitar solos out of nowhere and vice versa.

I think you're actually right, I often mish-mash some few parts in songs to make something of acceptable lenght and end up failing miserably, but sometimes I just play the song to see what's it's core, genre, speed, note, etc. and then do something that accompanies it perfectly.

The problem comes when I want to do some melody that accompanies the existing melodies well, either to craft a harmony, or just a bass. How many fucking times I ended up making shit due to that! xD

Luckily, when I can't do my own musics, I can simply pick one between the hundreds in my collection from MIDI shrine:


Final Fantasy series

Castlevania series:

Lufia series:

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Big Loss for a Big Fight - Oh boy, you discovered demisemiquavers. Another MIDI that starts out semi-decent and just kind of loses its grip on reality after the first eight or so bars, with melodies darting this way and that at a crazy pace, giving the listener nothing cohesive to focus on. There are however some flutes (or something) playing the same chord all throughout this, and you generally want to completely avoid that. There's probably some salvageable material in here, probably, but I feel if you're going to improve this at all, you'll need to start from the ground up.

Killed in a Heart Beat - Not offensive, just repetitive. Needs a bassline. Holds it together for just under a minute before the entire song falls down several flights of stairs. I guess that's the getting killed part? Mmmyeah, maybe rethink this one as well, or just stick to the first minute or so of material.

Demonic Encounter - Another one that does the thing where it goes in one direction... and then uh... goes in a totally different... y'know what, next.

Way for the Yay - Comparatively little going on in this one. Though it's kind of annoying, to be honest, like that flute is openly mocking me or something, I dunno. I guess you wanted some sort of celebratory jingle? It's again disjointed but at least not disturbingly schizophrenic.

Neverloss - Very repetitive intro, you'll want those repeated notes to all be just one drawn out note, I feel. And maybe break up what the percussion is doing to give a sense of progression. Other than some slight problems in your arrangement of a few select notes, this isn't bad. Could be cleaned up and marketed as an alternative to TNT's Infinite.

Tense Breakout - More Infinite-esque material here as well. A bit generic, again it has some rather hectic drumming and some clashing melodies and dissonant chords. I think in general I'm seeing that your music needs to pace itself a lot better. At least this one comes back to the main melody a couple of times. Overall this is kind of enjoyable, but it does still need work.

Pantcrap - Not so keen on this one. It has smatterings of wanting to be something, perhaps a strange and dissonant, haunting tune, but really just seems like a hodge-podge of ideas. I think you use every possible note on the guitar and synth strings together - talk about chromaticism. The title does makes me think you kind of didn't want to make it sound good, though.

Super Flame Death - ...Did you try to do death metal blastbeats? Oh dear. Oh dearie dearie me.

Take the Game Over - This seems like two songs in one, almost. First half is kind of overly busy in the melodic sense and the erratic machinegun-like percussion doesn't help matters much. The solo string section that arrives in the second half takes the song in an entirely different direction. Both sections are unfortunately lacking melodic coherence, there's no repeated ideas in the second half, and if there's any repetition in the first half it's kind of lost because the instruments don't seem to support each other. The two sections are different, sure, and there's nothing wrong with an AB song structure at all, but there's no smooth transition between the two and they don't last long enough for anything memorable to really develop.

Beast of Worlds - Again, this is very disjointed and incoherent. It's not the worst, but it's definitely not the best. In fact you had stuff in GMP3 that was better than a lot of this stuff, in my opinion. Oh well, do keep trying.

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A few general things to take into account:

Compositions currently can be a bit scatterbrained, which can sometimes drag down otherwise good tracks. If you have new ideas then figure out if they fit the current track and if they don't then perhaps put them in a snippets folder for later use. Giving ideas time to develop is generally quite important. I would strongly suggest listening to some sonatas, and reading up on how sonata form works (as I believe understanding this help in the long term, as well as assisting in doing different things with similar ideas). At the bottom of this post I will put in a few links to some pieces in sonata form.

You've put out quite a few GMP threads, and they're just MIDIs sans any DOOM modifications. Perhaps it would be ideal to make one large GMP thread and place it in Creative Works?

Also remember, quality over quantity is exceptionally important for any creative medium.

Sonata Form on Wikipedia and also on Wikipedia with more plain wording
Beethoven's 1st Symphony: 1st Movement
Rossini - Overture from The Barber of Seville
Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 9 in D, K. 311 1st movement. The first movement ends at 4:15, this is a rather nonstandard sonata in where it takes ideas from (within itself), as well as its structure.

If you want to read the sheet music to these then they will all be available on http://imslp.org/ (as all of the composers have been dead long enough that their music is no longer in-copyright).
Of course I don't want to feel like a dictatorial teacher here, but I do believe it's in your best interest to understand the mechanics of what makes more conventional music work so well.

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Thanks for that review Jimmy. I'm sure they will be used for something.

Eris Falling said:

Here's a midi with some pretty decent blast beats (skip to 2:24/bar 132, or 4:54/bar 260), so if you want to try doing those again, I'd advise looking at this in your editor and learning from that. It helped me with them for sure.

For sure I'll learn looking at that with attention ;)

Also, these are not the most recent MIDIs; they're currently the ones in the Sentient Mushes IPK3 (Which includes Beast of Worlds).

EDIT: To explain "IPK3", it's going to be a IWAD PK3 once it's finished. It would be good to receive some support of any kind...

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