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A request

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You can do it yourself easily enough. Here, let me provide you with a step-by-step guide:

1. Download and install SLADE3.
2. Open the wad in SLADE3.
3. Find the music file.
4. Click "Export".
5. Save the file into a folder of your choice.
6. PROFIT!!!

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I cant, or else i would have done just that. Thats why i asked here. My PC is gone :(

And i badly need that EXACT file used for MAP06.

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Voros said:

My PC is gone :(

Bummer, man.

Hey, if you have some old PC pieces (and buy missing ones), you can build at least a decent PC of controlable specs spending little money (relatively to some PCs)! If you have a NVidia GPU, then you can probably play most games nicely.

avoid Intel GPU, the HD Graphics and the Pentium P6200 keep shitting at me when I wanna run even some 2001 game. :P

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