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What are some 5-10 y/o wads that really push vanilla/boom?

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Ribbiks' swim with the whales gets about 18fps anywhere on the first map on mbf on a pentium 166. Runs great on a p3-700 underclocked to 233, unless I up the resolution to 640*480, where it will sink to the low 20's. Eternal is the wad that most pushes vanilla and these older machines, I'm guessing? For boom ones I guess I'm going to have to stay away from anything made in the last 10 years or so.

EDIT: not really looking for something with 9,999 monsters, more architecture and map size and source port features and such.

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I remember when Vrack 2 dropped, I had trouble running it in double-figure framerates on the Cyrix 200MHz I had at the time. I've always had a shit computer though.

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