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Restoration, a neat microbudget horror film

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Zack Ward recently started a new film company, with the aim (at least for now AFAIK) to do as much as possible with low budgets. I met him at the Cleveland showing and talked a little bit, he told the audience that he was inspired to try such a thing after someone else told him that their project turned out terribly with a low budget (but much higher than Zack chose to work with), and he wanted to prove that good management can make all the difference no matter the budget.

The film is about a young couple that moves into a house, intending to restore it. During the process, they find a diary that leads them into a really dark ordeal. I don't want to spoil anything, but I found it to be quite entertaining, especially considering that I'm not big into horror movies.

I suggest giving it a watch, some reviews aren't kind to it, but you should make your own judgement.

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Is it not on Youtube posted by the director?

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