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Touch-friendly games

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I bought myself a cheap x86 tablet for doing music and art on the road. Now it needs some games! Suggestions are welcome.

Quad-core Atom @ 1.3 GHz
Intel HD graphics @ 1024x600
Windows 10 32-bit

I have Lords of Midnight and Sim City Classic installed, and they're both pretty awesome to play with a stylus. I might do SCUMMVM next, as long as the games don't require too much typing. Emulators are also a possibility but I don't know of any that come with a virtual keyboard. I might also have a BT gamepad around here somewhere...

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Halo Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike

Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter

Mortal Kombat X

Dream League Soccer/Dream League Soccer 16/ Fifa Ultimate Team (15/16)

Five Nights At Freddys 1,2,3,4


Flick home run

Spartan Runner

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If you enjoy Atari 2600 games, they play decent enough with virtual joystick controls since they only use one action buttom aside from the d-pad.

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