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Naked Snake

Duke Nukem Advanced

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Yep, apparently Torus is making a Duke Nukem game for the GBA. here are some screenies...but...

This seems to be a new gun, probably replaces the chaingun.

Lame new pistol :/ As you can see from the first screenie (on that page I linked to), there is Dukematch.
Look at the far right of this pic...is that Fabio?
Judging by the last screenshot (bottom right) there seems to be a new enemy (doesn't surprise me).

Though the first screenshot says "you killed Duke 4" look what Nintendo itself says about the game :


1 player

Jul, 2002

Take 2 Interactive Software

Torus Games

That makes you wonder...was Dukematch PLANNED for this game or is it still a reality and Nintendo just goofed? But even GameSpy says on their Duke Nukem Advanced page there is no DM...maybe bots? Hmm. AH HA! Take 2's page about this game (they are devoloping it) says clearly :

Link up to 4 players to play at once!*
* Requires additional Duke Nukem Advance Game Paks (one per player) and Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable, sold separately.

SOOOOOOO looks like there WILL be DM afterall! Great! Oh and just in case you don't have a GBA (or you do) there is a Duke Nukem for the GBC.

So, now my list of games I want for the GBA are :

Wolfenstein 3d
Duke Nukem Advanced
Doom II

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LordTrasher said:

The "new gun" you posted just looks like the shotgun.

Look at the attached crosshair and how Duke holds the gun.

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Nope, it's not just you, those shots are too bright.

I think it's a new game not a port of Duke3D. I want to see a Duke sidescroller on the GBA though :D

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